Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Hey Freshers, less than 2 weeks to go! If you’re anything like I was you'll be feeling a mix of nervous/ excited. But, however you’re feeling we’ve got you covered and here to help you out!

Below is a list of 10 helpful things to bring to Uni - we hope it helps!!

  • DOOR STOP - A must have, especially with surprisingly heavy uni doors. Propping your door open for the first few weeks can help build friendships with flatmates.

  • PERSONAL DETAILS - Bring/ jot down all your important details and numbers, especially the ones that are long, dull and usually get forgotten ie. (National Insurance number, Student Loan Number, Bank paperwork).

  • BIBLE - Bring along your bible! A great opportunity to re-start reading your bible if perhaps you haven’t recently/ keep going with reading your bible daily at Uni.

  • EXTENSION LEADS - SO helpful for using multiple appliances/ the awkward plug socket behind your bed situation.

  • CLOTHING DRYING RACK - your best friend if you want dry clothes and don’t want to pay for the halls tumble dryer (which may or may not be working)!

  • CALENDAR - A simple academic calendar and you’re onto a winner when it comes to staying organised and remembering family birthdays etc.. Your future self will thank you!

  • PHOTOS OF YOU - It seems strange, but for your Student Card and Bus Pass you’ll need ‘passport like’ photos of you, which they’ll add to these cards as a way of identification.

  • PHOTOS OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS - Great to make your room feel a bit more homely and can spark conversations with flatmates.

  • LAUNDRY BASKET/ BAG - Helpful for storing dirty laundry and transporting laundry to the halls washing machine.

  • PACK OF CARDS / FAVOURITE GAME - a fun icebreaker/ activity to do with your new flat mates. Why not look up some card games on Google, they’re SO many!

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