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Most of us assume that freedom is good. Freedom of speech? Freedom to explore? Freedom of self-expression? In the west, our brains work on this default setting: freedom is good; restriction is bad. At the same time, we recognise that surely boundaries can also be good in some settings, for example when you are a child, and your dad says you must not play outside of the park. We all know this is so you as a child can play safely in the joys of the park, so you don’t get hurt, even if you remember thinking it was unfair that you couldn’t join in with the older teenagers playing football.

In the same way God gives all who choose to put their trust in Jesus, freedom to live life to the full through saving us from our sin. Without realising it today, many people are living in spiritual slavery without realising it. Chasing false gods of money, success, personal comfort and romantic love - only to realise they still have an emptiness that can’t be filled by any of those things. In reality that the whole reason why, we crave freedom so much is because we are all enslaved by our own sinful desires and longings to fill the emptiness of dissatisfaction in our life In this period of this global pandemic has not this problem of lack of freedom, loss of meaning and purpose been emphasised. Thankfully as Christians we believe that God has always had the greatest Love story plan to bring us ultimate freedom from our greatest problem sin, he promised to bring us a saviour Jesus.

The centre of Christianity is that Jesus offers you True and lasting Freedom in this life and beyond by setting you free from sin and death on the cross, if you simply trust in him. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, so that whoever believes in him may not perish but have eternal life.” John 3v16.

God lovingly did not make us robots because he desires to be in a two-way relationship with everyone you and me, so he gave us free will to actively choose to reject God or accept ultimate freedom by believing in him.

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