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Tips for starting at Brookes (suggested by current students)

Starting life in a new city, university, and new course can all be understandably daunting. With this series of blog posts we hope to be able to provide you with tips and tricks to make living in Oxford as a Christian ,and studying at Brookes, as easy and comfortable as possible.

  1. A couple* of highly recommended coffee shops and places to eat are ‘Rick’s Diner’ and ‘G & D’s’ on Cowley Road (*other places are available)

  2. Other notable study spots are ‘Greens cafe’ and ‘Ole and Steen’

  3. Try and familiarise yourself with the U1 and U5 (free university buses) routes - it will save you a lot of time and money for fares.

  4. Get to know people at church and CU, a network of supportive and close christian friends can be so helpful in tough times at uni

  5. Try and make your accommodation as homely as possible (photos, fairy lights, plants, posters...etc.)

  6. Download the yoyo wallet if you are likely to buy food at campus, as by third year your coffee and meals will be free by the points you save!

  7. Get involved with other societies besides the CU, great way to expand your friendship circle and try out so many amazing new opportunities in Oxford

  8. Research the local churches in the area, so you have an idea of where you might want to go when you get to Oxford- though don’t worry as there will be a CU Church search starting September 13th

  9. Don’t be afraid to be open about your faith at uni, especially with flatmates- University is a mixture of all sorts of people, and people are often more interested in discussing your faith than you would first think!

  10. Pray about everything surrounding uni, and ask others to pray for you for things you may be struggling with!

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