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Why YOU should come to the CU 'Day Away' 2020

On Saturday 31st October the CU is having a 'Day Away' at St Aldates church (in the city centre). What does this involve you may ask..? Well, there will be a main talk by our speaker Andy Robinson, social time, worship, seminars, and more! 

Below are a handful of reasons you should definitely come along: 

  1. Its in person! - we have been blessed with being able to use St Aldates church which means we can have 60 (Yes- 60!) people socially distanced 

  2. You will be equipped and encouraged for evangelism- whether it's looking at the early church in Acts, or going to a seminar in bible handling there will be various ways in which we will look at sharing the gospel together

  3. You will make friends- this is perhaps the best opportunity you will have at CU this term to get to meet the other members and make some great friends

  4. It will be fun- there is lots of time for both socialising and enjoying diving into God's word together

  5. It's FREE- need we say more...?!

Tickets can be booked here:

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